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About 3DCloudByMe

What is 3DCloudByMe?

3DCloudByMe is the administration console of the ByMe platform, enabling ByMe customers to:

  • Create, verify, and publish their Range on the ByMe platform;
  • Administrate users, applications;
  • Understand the usage of their ByMe applications.

In the scope of Range Management,

  • 3DCloudByMe is a complement to Geometry Editor and Assembly Editor.
  • 3DCloudByMe is a complement or an alternative to publishing and validating Range through the ByMe APIs.


We use indifferently "Range" and "Content" to refer to products, rules, templates, etc. appearing under the "Content" section of the UI.

Note: ByMe concepts definitions are accessible here: Core Platform Concepts

How to Access 3DCloudByMe?

Please reach out to 3DVIA contact or partner to obtain the creation of a Legal Entity for your usage, and corresponding administrator access to 3DCloudByMe. The administrator is then able to invite other Range Managers in his Legal Entity to access 3DCloudByMe.

Multiple Environments

Depending on deployments specificities, some customers may leverage several environments such as staging/main or other configurations. 3DCloud exists in each of these environments.
Users are advised to always check on which environment they are working.